There are many instances that warrant a trip to urgent care. Although an urgent care center should not take the place of your primary care physician, it can be a convenient option when you are unable to see your regular doctor and the situation is not an emergency. Emergency situations should still be evaluated in an emergency room.

Individuals in the Wilmette, IL area can go to UltraMed Urgent Care for their nonemergency medical needs. UltraMed offers a range of services and resources for patients including diagnosing medical conditions, performing regular physicals, providing testing for illnesses and diseases, and addressing burns, sprains, and other injuries. UltraMed’s state-of-the-art facilities and licensed staff members allow them to provide effective and affordable care. Those who are in need of medical care but cannot get to their regular care physician can go to UltraMed Urgent Care with no appointment necessary.

Medical Conditions

Patients can go to UltraMed Urgent Care if they display any symptoms of common medical conditions. This can include viral infections, respiratory infections, and skin conditions. An urgent care can discuss patient symptoms, perform an examination, and determine the most effective course of treatment. this might include medications, further testing, or a referral to the appropriate specialist. Urgent care can also help detect unknown medical conditions in children during a sport or school physical. Those in the Wilmette area can see UltraMed Urgent Care for the following medical conditions:

Sports Injuries

An urgent care center can address concerns about sports-related injuries such as strains, sprains, joint pain, and burns. More serious injuries such as breaks or severe cuts should still be seen in an emergency room. An urgent care can take X-rays and examine the injury to determine the proper course of treatment. This might include cleaning, repairing, and bandaging the area. Patients in Wilmette area can visit UltraMed Urgent Care for the following sports injuries:

Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine involves physicals, testing, and other services that are work-related. An urgent care can provide any testing or physical evaluations necessary before starting a new job. These are often required to ensure that employees are healthy enough to work and do not have any conditions that would prevent them from doing their job or put their health at risk. Work-related injuries can also be seen at an urgent care. UltraMed Urgent Care offers the following occupational medicine services in the Wilmette area:


Proper testing is an important part of making an accurate diagnosis and providing patients with the care they need. Many urgent care centers offer testing for preventative and treatment purposes, or just for patient’s peace of mind. Testing can be done by taking urine, blood, or a mouth swab. Patients can expect to get quick and accurate results, so they can receive the proper treatment as soon as possible. UltraMed Urgent Care offers the following testing to patients in the Wilmette area:

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