If you are in need of immediate medical attention, Urgent Care can be the first step towards quick and effective treatment for non-life-threatening conditions. If you are unable to receive treatment from your primary physician for any reason, Ultra Med Urgent Care can help.

Ultra Med Urgent Care offers efficient, timely, and affordable care for patients in the Glenview area who need medical treatment for many medical conditions or injuries, all within our state-of-the-art facilities maintained by trained medical providers. Ultra Med Urgent Care can be a great alternative to an emergency room visit if your condition is not serious enough and you want immediate care. We also offer accurate and discreet physicals, whether it’s for work, school, or camp.You can even check in online and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to see you.

Medical Conditions

There are many medical conditions that require treatment, but are not serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit. If you feel like your condition requires medical attention and can’t see your primary physician, we can provide care, whether it’s medication or direct care from a licensed medical provider. Ultra Med Urgent Care can serve patients in the Glenview area who require medical treatment for the following conditions:

 Minor Injuries

Ultra Med Urgent Care understands that sometimes, life happens. If your injury is minor and you are unable to see your primary physician, we offer treatment and alleviation of minor injuries, aches, and pains. We also offer on-site x-ray digital imaging so we can accurately diagnose your problem areas. If you are in the Glenview area and need treatment for the following conditions, Ultra Med Urgent Care can help:

Testing Services

Ultra Med Urgent Care offers on-site lab testing to patients in Glenview, meaning you can get quick and efficient answers for your testing needs, whether it’s personal, occupational, or related to illness treatment. Our helpful medical staff is licensed to help you through every step of the quick and affordable process for the following tests:

Ultra Med Urgent Care offers effective and efficient care for many different ailments when you are unable to find care from your primary physician. There’s no appointment needed, and our helpful and trained medical staff will ensure you’re comfortable and informed. Contact our office for more information about Ultra Med Urgent Care and treatment in Glenview.

About Glenview, Illinois

Well known state- and nationwide for its affluence and exceptional education, Glenview is one of the many towns and cities located outside of Chicago and has many historic buildings including naval and military bases. For many years, it hosted a major facility used for the Coast Guard and its Lake Michigan search and rescue. It also offers many natural parks, forest reserves, and plentiful wildlife for residents to enjoy away from the bustle of the big city. Glenview is a suburban village located in Cook County, Illinois, and is located approximately three miles north of the city of Chicago. It is home to the Jackman Park Bear, a symbolic representation of the Village of Glenview. This sculpture debuted 100 years ago, making the bear the village mascot. It is also home to the Glenview Naval Air Station, which was used during World War II. Nearly 9,000 aviation cadets received primary flight training at this air base, and an additional 17,000 pilots were qualified for carrier landings through the Carrier Qualification Training Units. Glenview is also a great place for shopping, dining, and visiting attractions with the entire family.

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