At Ultra Med Urgent Care, we offer sports physicals to make sure your child is healthy enough for sports. Sports physicals are commonly required by athletic leagues and schools to assure that children are healthy enough to participate in a sport.

What is a Sports Physical?

During a sports physical, a physician will check your child’s vitals, flexibility, and joints. We will also check vision and perform a short assessment of fitness. During the examination, the physician will record the child’s height and weight, take their blood pressure, test their vision, and check their heart, lungs, abdomen, and joints.

While sports physicals are usually the same for males and females, children who have begun puberty or teenagers will often be asked questions regarding periods, nutrition, and sexual activity.

Sports physicals are extremely important to be sure that your athlete does not have any underlying health conditions that could put them at risk during physical activity. IF your child is in need of a sports physical, contact Ultra Med Urgent Care today.