At Ultra Med Urgent Care, we offer camp physicals for children and teens. Whether the camp requires a physical exam, or it is just recommended, we can offer a thorough, quick exam so your child can be a safe, happy camper!

What is a Camp Physical?

During a camp physical, a physician will go over your child’s medical history, conduct a physical exam, which may include height and weight check, blood pressure check, a vision test, and a flexibility test, and provide a summary of the exam to the child’s primary care provider. We will also complete any forms that you may need to attend camp. It is important that your child undergoes a physical before going to camp to check for any underlying health conditions that may need treatment.

Our goal at Ultra Med Urgent Care is to provide timely and effective service and treatment to all of our patients. If you are located in the Skokie or Evanston areas, and your child is in need of a camp physical, contact us today!